An affordable solution to water crisis

Easy access to clean water starts with an affordable tank.

Our idea


Cylindrical Water Tank

Asaqua aims to enable more people to harvest rain water for their own domestic consumption. Traditional solid tanks cost a typical family in rural Uganda half of their annual income. But, Asaqua’s water tank would cost only a sixth of their annual income. With Asaqua’s tank, more people can afford to harvest rain water and prevent waterborne diseases.
Asaqua Tank 3d

1/3 cost

Made of water-proof fabric, making it far cheaper than a typical solid tank.


Just a few simple steps to
assemble the plastic frame and connect to the gutter.


Can be folded up for transportation, and weighs only~30kg.

Better than solid tanks?

Asaqua Tank 3d
Asaqua's fabric tank

our price

45 mins

labour hours required for installation

40+ units

can be transported in 4m3


to be cleaned regularly

6+ years

estimated lifespan

4000L solid tanks

average market price

>600 mins

labour hours required for installation

1 unit

can be transported in 4m3


to be cleaned regularly

8+ years

estimated lifespan

About Asaqua

Asaqua is a startup attempting to solve the critical water crisis in developing countries. We believe an affordable rain harvesting solutions can raise clean water accessibility in rural villages.  We build affordable water storage tanks that are potentially increasing rainwater harvesting adoption, so people without water supplies can have easier access to clean water.

Gordon Tse
Carly Leung
Dave Poon

Our Advisors

Prof. Jonathan Fong

Jonathan is an Assistant Professor in the Science Unit at Lingnan University, whose research focuses on pattern and process that shapes biodiversity.

Prof. Albert Ko

Albert is a Humanitarian Engineer

Aloysius Arokiaraj

Aloysius is

Sylvia Namukasa

Sylvia founded Kyempapu, a local NGO in Uganda. She has 10+ years experience in community work on water crisis, education and youth engagement.

Our process

User testing

We have tested it by ourselves. 12 households in rural Uganda are also working with us to develop the Asaqua 4000L Cylindrical Tank by providing feedback to us whilst they are using it in their real life.


We are now working hard to develop a prototype for refining the design and specifications before deploying some actual water tanks to test with the end-users.


We secured funding from Lingnan University Innovation and Impact Fund for further research and development of our concept, and test it with the end users in rural Uganda.


While we were travelling to rural Uganda in 2019, we talked to many local chaps and found that people were suffering  from critical water crisis. When dry seasons come, children had to walk 4 hours a day to fetch water from somewhere that is not even clean. We came up with an idea that a more affordable water tank can help them to harvest rainwater. We verified this idea by interviewing  a wide-range of local community members.

Asaqua Limited

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